How to set alarms for high and low temperature on a Fluke infrared camera

Thermal imaging

Learn how to set temperature color alarms on your Fluke Ti401, Ti300, and Ti200 infrared cameras.


The Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera and Ti401 PRO Thermal Camera have been discontinued. See the Fluke Ti75+ Thermal Camera or the Ti480 PRO Infrared Camera.


The high low temp alarm on the Fluke vt04 is used to help you quickly identify temperatures that are either above or below your determined threshold. How to set the high low temp alarm: First, in the menu screen you identify this icon you hit select and you scroll down the checks indicates that this feature has been turned on and an arrow that allows you to drop to the second level menu appears.

In this example, you can select low or high, I will select high. Now you select the temperature threshold, in this example I'll select 81 degrees.

Now envision using this to scan a large area first thing I'd like to call out is that you have an icon in the bottom right hand corner that indicates that the alarm feature is on and now you'll see some flashing at the bottom of the screen as soon as my hand entered the picture it identified a target that exceeded the threshold and so doing it triggered the alarm.

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