How to add notes to infrared images during thermal inspections

Thermal imaging

This video explains how to add notes to Fluke thermal camera infrared images during your thermal inspections.


How to use the advanced features of photo IR notes and audio annotation with the Fluke TI 125 thermal imager. Because fluke takes a fused digital and infrared image we have some advantages that can help you take notes when you’re out in the field especially if you're wearing PPE you're not going to want to have to put down your imager to take any kind of notes so what we have the advantage is if we once we click an image there's several different ways that we can automate our note-taking.

One is we can add audio if I select the audio, I have up to 30 seconds worth of information I can record that will be attached to that particular picture then when I save the picture that audio will be in the picture itself.

Another thing that we have the capability to do is we have photo IR notes and what this gives you the ability to do is along with your thermal image I can save up to three additional notes so attach that image could be an image of the motor nameplate, we might want to take an image of the drive or maybe the cabinet number or something like that or maybe just what type of hookups we were looking at.

So with these capabilities we can add audio and up to three additional digital images to be attached to our thermal image and that way we can document where we've been where we took the image without having to write anything down in a notebook.

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