Fluke Pro Tips how to videos


Fluke experts get to the heart of your maintenance and measurement questions with tips and tricks on how to select the right tool when starting out or how to make a measurement with the tools you already have.


When you have questions like:

  • When do I need a clamp meter, and when do I need a digital multimeter?
  • When do you need to replace your test leads?
  • Do you need those insulated hand tools on the job?

Fluke Pros are sitting down to answer the questions you’ve asked about choosing the right tools.

Selecting the right Fluke tools


The pros are also breaking down the information you need when making measurements along with how to make measurements using the tools you have. Covering topics like:

  • How to troubleshoot a 4-20 loop
  • How to set up a measurement on a 438-II Motor Analyzer
  • What are harmonics?

How to set up and take measurements with Fluke


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