How to choose the right clamp meter for your job

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When Fluke introduced its first true-RMS current clamp meter in the early 1990’s it was a huge breakthrough in helping technicians get to the root cause of overheated transformers, hot neutrals, and circuit breakers tripping for no apparent reason. Its true-RMS capability was indispensable in diagnosing non-linear loads generated by the dramatic increase in PCs, electronic lighting ballasts, and variable speed motor drives occurring at that time.



Since then, Fluke has expanded its family of true-RMS clamp meters to include a range of models with features for specific types of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. In addition to true-RMS capabilities, all are equipped with Fluke Connect to transmit measurements to the cloud for easier collaboration and faster analysis and reporting.

Whether you’re working on HVAC, electrical, or solar array systems you can find a Fluke clamp meter with the specific features for your jobs:

  • Fluke 902FC True-RMS HVAC Clamp Meter: Designed specifically for HVAC residential and commercial applications, the 902 FC is rated CAT III 600 V and CAT IV 300 V. It packs a lot of features into its small size to make it easy to hang on to and work in tight spaces. In addition to basic volts, amps, and capacitance, the 902 FC measures essential HVAC parameters including:
    • 200 µA DC current to measure flame rod
    • Extended resistance to measure thermistors to 60 kΩ
    • Flue gas temperature
    • Start and run motor capacitors and variable frequency drives
  • Fluke 393 FC True-RMS Solar Clamp Meter: Engineered for high-voltage DC environments, the Fluke 393 FC is rated CAT III 1500V DC and 1000V AC. It is also IP54 rated for working outdoors on solar arrays and wind power systems. Its thin jaw design makes it easier to access cables in crowded combiner boxes and measures current up to 999.0 A AC or DC. The included iFlex current probe further increases measurement flexibility to accurately measure large conductors.
  • Fluke 377 FC and 378 FC Non-Contact Voltage True-RMS Clamp Meters: These non-contact clamp meters, equipped with iFlex, are rated CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V making them an ideal choice for commercial and industrial use. They use FieldSense™ technology to accurately measure voltage and current through the clamp jaw without contacting the live conductor. View both volts and amps simultaneously on the same screen. And use the PQ function on the 378 FC to automatically detect power quality issues.
  • Fluke 325 FC True-RMS Clamp Meter: A versatile general purpose clamp meter that handles most common front-line measurements required by residential, commercial, and HVAC applications. Measure True-RMS AC/DC current, voltage (CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V), temperature, and frequency.
  • Fluke 368 FC True-RMS Leakage Current Clamp Meter: This multi-purpose clamp meter detects, records, and compares AC current leakage readings over time and identifies intermittent GFCI and RCD trips on live equipment. Rated CAT III 600 V and CAT IV 300 V the 368 FC delivers 0.1 mA resolution.

To learn more, use our handy clamp meter selection tool to find the right Fluke clamp meter for your jobs.