Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers

Fluke Battery Management Desktop Software Version 1.5.61

  • Update to new windows Framework for document generation
  • Template can be created with three levels in the data tree
  • Fixed time information offset in report notes
  • Fixed temperature unit display in reports
  • CSV import error for certain windows OS
  • Fixed PDF report charts
  • Fixed threshold issue when toggling between table and graphic view
  • Fixed issues when toggling the unit from mohm to simens
  • Correct several translation errors in French and German
  • Correct several typos

Download Fluke Battery Management Software version 1.5.61 (.exe)

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Fluke Battery Analyzer Firmware Version 1.2

This upgrade is for the BT500 Series Family of Battery Analyzers. If your BT510, BT520 or BT521 has firmware version 1.2 or later, it already has the upgrade and no further upgrade is necessary (the version number displays when you turn on your BT500).

  • Adds intercell connection (strap test) functionality
  • Updates pass/warning/fail icon in sequence test mode

To upgrade your instrument

Download Fluke Battery Firmware version 1.2 (.tgz)

Quick Installation Guide:

  1. Copy the file into your desktop
  2. Open the BT500 "Battery Management PC desktop software"
  3. Connect the instrument to the PC using the supplied USB cable
  4. Ensure that your BT500 Series is charged and turned on
  5. Using the File menu at the top of the page connect the BT500 and select the highlighted com port
  6. Select Setting at the top of the page and "firmware upgrade"
  7. Select Browse and find the ".tgz" file you placed on your desktop
  8. Press the "Upgrade" Icon
  9. Do not disconnect the instrument until the upgrade is completed. The upgrade takes about 20 minutes

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