Top 5 benefits of vibration monitoring

A Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor is shown installed on a rotating asset.

The Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor installs on equipment quickly and easily, allowing teams to receive real-time data in under an hour.

Keeping up with routes and maintenance needs on a growing number of assets can be difficult. Daily emergencies and a shrinking labor force make it hard to keep equipment running optimally.

Vibration screening allows teams to triage the health of assets; analyze and diagnose the identified asset; and perform the right corrective action at the right time. Installing the Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor on equipment allows you to spend less time taking manual readings and more time addressing problems.

Here are the top five benefits of implementing a vibration monitoring strategy into your maintenance program.

Screen quickly, act quickly

Expanding your maintenance program to include condition monitoring tools gives you deeper, more actionable insights. The 3561 FC is a simple, scalable solution that can be installed in any location, including hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. Set up asset screening in under an hour and start viewing data within minutes after connecting.

Organize information for data-driven decisions

Using the Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring (FCCM) software with vibration sensors ensures that all data is organized and next-step decisions can be made efficiently. Use FCCM software to wirelessly collect real-time information, seamlessly revisit historical trends and graph data for further analysis.

Receive alarms

FCCM software generates alarms when abnormalities occur based on 37 machine categories. If the asset experiences conditional changes based on the Fluke Overall Vibration Severity scale, the FCCM software sends instant alarms to smart devices.

Alarms can also be seen in the web app. Teams receive push notifications that alert maintenance workers before asset failure.

An engineer looks at a Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor installed in a hard-to-reach location.
The Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensor installs in hard-to-reach areas and can be left to capture data remotely. Access data from anywhere at any time.

Identify potential failures early

Scheduled maintenance consumes time and labor, potentially diverting resources to unnecessary tasks. The new vibration sensor screens for the four most common faults — imbalance, misalignment, bearing wear and looseness.

Reduce maintenance spend

Cost savings isn't just about completing fewer routes or increasing asset uptime. The 3561 FC allows you to focus spending, use outside expertise more efficiently, minimize paperwork and automatically aggregate data in one place.

To learn more about Fluke Condition Monitoring and how a condition monitoring system will improve your predictive maintenance program, please call our sales team or visit our condition monitoring page.

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