Fluke digital thermometers used in Linus Tech Tips video


Did you catch the Fluke tools used in a recent Linus Tech Tips video?


In the video, Linus is reviewing a new computer, a gaming desktop. To ensure a portion of the computer is running correctly, the Cryo Chamber, Linus hooks up a couple Fluke thermocouple thermometers to verify. He rigs up the desktop with four thermal probes from two Fluke 52 II Dual Probe Digital Thermometers. The four probes are each placed in a different place on the computer to monitor temperature:

  • (1) Intake
  • (2) Exhaust of the thermal chambers (one each)
  • (1) Ambient room temperature

Linus then ran a few tests to push the computer and see how the temperature would respond. In each test, the Fluke tools were used to monitor and compare the cooling abilities of the computer to the ambient temperature.