Fluke VPS410-II-B ScopeMeter® Voltage Probe Set

  • Fluke VPS410-B ScopeMeter Voltage Probe-set, blue, 10:1, 300 MHz, 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV

Caratteristiche principali

  • Ideal for industrial and electronics applications
  • Double insulated, CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V rated
  • 10:1 voltage ratio and 500 MHz bandwidth
  • Available in red, blue, grey, and green

Descrizione generale del prodotto: Fluke VPS410-II-B ScopeMeter® Voltage Probe Set

Use the Fluke VPS410-II-B (Blue) Voltage Probe with the Fluke 190 Series III and Series II Portable Oscilloscopes or with the MDA-500 Series Motor Drive Analyzers. These double insulated probes offer a 10:1 voltage ratio, and 500 MHz bandwidth making them ideal for industrial, electrical and electronics testing. For smaller size electronic applications consider Fluke VPS510-B Compact Voltage Probes. For test on heavy equipment such as motors and drives, consider the larger and ruggedized Fluke VPS421 Series High Voltage Probes.

Dati tecnici: Fluke VPS410-II-B ScopeMeter® Voltage Probe Set

Bandwidth500 MHz
Max. input voltageCAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
Max. voltage to groundCAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
Input Resistance10 MΩ
Input Capacitance11.5 ± 1 pF
Compensation range10...25 pF
Cable Length1.2 m (3.9 ft)
SafetyIEC / EN 61010-031
UL 61010-031
CSA C22.2 No. 1010.2.031
Max. Altitude3000 m
Pollution Degree2
Protection ClassII (double insulation)

*Specification of probe is valid only when used with Fluke ScopeMeter 190-xxx models and MDA-500 series.

Modelli: Fluke VPS410-II-B ScopeMeter® Voltage Probe Set

Fluke VPS410-II-B

Industrial Voltage Probe-set, blue, 10:1, 500 MHz



  • (1) Blue voltage probe
  • (1) Black hook clip for probe tip
  • (1) Black ground lead with mini alligator clip
  • (1) Ground spring for probe tip
  • (1) Insulation sleeve for probe tip