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Enhance your testing capabilities with Fluke's range of temperature probes, designed to convert your standard test tools into precision thermometers. Our probes are crafted for accuracy and versatility and cater to a spectrum of temperature-measuring needs. Whether you're monitoring HVAC systems, industrial equipment, or electrical circuits, Fluke provides a temperature probe for almost every application, ensuring maintenance professionals receive reliable and accurate temperature readings.

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What is a temperature probe?

A temperature probe is a device used to measure temperature in various environments. It can be attached to a test tool, turning it into a thermometer, suitable for a wide range of temperature readings.

What are the types of multimeter probes?

Multimeter probes include standard probes, temperature probes, alligator clips, and specialty probes for specific applications like industrial or automotive use.

What are the types of test probes?

Test probes vary in design, including standard probes, hook clips, piercing probes, and temperature probes, each tailored for specific testing needs.

How to use multimeter probes?

Multimeter probes are connected to a multimeter and then to the test point. The type of probe used depends on the measurement being taken, such as voltage, current, or temperature.

What is a test lead?

A test lead is a wire or cable used to connect a multimeter or other test equipment to the device or component being tested.

What is a test lead used for?

Test leads are used to establish a connection between a multimeter and the test points in a circuit or component for electrical measurements.

What is the difference between a test lead and a test probe?

A test lead is the cable that connects the measurement instrument to the test point, while a test probe is the point of contact that physically touches the component or circuit for measurement.

What is a temperature probe?

A temperature probe is an accessory that allows for accurate temperature measurements in various settings when connected to a test tool.

What is a temperature probe used for?

Temperature probes are used for measuring temperature in different environments, from industrial settings to electronic devices, ensuring precise and reliable temperature readings.