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Featured - Case study: Circuit board hot spots

Case study: Circuit board hot spots

Ensuring that a soon-to-be-launched prototype printer works without any hiccups when it reaches consumer hands is an already daunting task. But when you're doing this for the world's largest printer manufacturer, the task takes on an entirely different magnitude.

One day, during a regular functionality and proof of design check, electronics engineer Lock Chee Seng was confronted with row upon row of questionable printed circuit boards (PCBs). Some worked perfectly, while others overheated when the motor driver switched on. As a professional troubleshooter for Hewlett Packard (HP), Lock knew he had to isolate the problematic PCBs before they were installed into prototype printers.

Looking after HP's reputation is always foremost on Lock's mind. His involvement in new products, from introduction to lab prototyping and finally mass production, propels him across an entire spectrum of manufacturing.

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