Fluke 787 vs 789


Fluke ProcessMeter™ test tools: Multimeter and loop calibrator all in one

Before comparing the differences of the Fluke 787 vs 789, let’s consider the similarities. Both the Fluke 787B and 789 ProcessMeter™ are handheld tools that combines the power of a 1000 volt CAT III/600 V CAT IV safety-rated digital multimeter with a full-featured mA loop calibrator. Both double your troubleshooting capabilities. Both ProcessMeters are based on the measurement capabilities of the tried and true Fluke 87 digital multimeter, with the added ability to measure, source, and simulate mA. These tools were also designed with the accuracy and resolution you would expect from a Fluke mA loop calibrator, giving you the ideal tool for troubleshooting and calibrating current loop applications.

Fluke 787 and 789 The Fluke 787 and 789

787 vs 789 features

Separating out the features of the Fluke 787B and the 789 ProcessMeters shows a few differences between their capabilities. While both tools can measure AC and DC volts, AC and DC current, resistance, continuity, and frequency, only the 789 offers a 20mA current source/simulate, simultaneous mA and % scale readout, and 24 V loop power supply.

DMM and Loop Calibrator in one toolXX
Precision 1000 V, True RMS Digital MultimeterXX
DC current source and Loop CalibratorXX
24 V Loop power supply X
Min/Max / Average / Hold / Relative ModesXX
Diode Test and Continuity BeeperXX
Manual Step (100%, 25%, Coarse, Fine) plus Auto Step and Auto RampXX
Simultaneous mA and % of scale read-outXX
Externally accessible batteryXX
Externally accessible fuses X
HART mode setting with loop power and a built-in 250 Ω resistor X
0% and 100% buttons to toggle between 4 and 20 mA sourcing for a quick span check X
Infrared I/O serial port X
Fluke Connect enabledXX

Fluke 787B ProcessMeter™ Test Tool

  • Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout on mA output
  • 25% manual step plus auto step and auto ramp on mA output
  • 1000 volt CAT III/600 V CAT IV safety rated DMM
  • Measure volts, amps, resistance, and frequency
  • 0% to 100% mA Span Check buttons to toggle from 4 mA to 20 mA
  • Infrared I/O serial port compatible with FlukeView® Software
  • 20 mA drive capable into 1200 Ω

Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™ Test Tool

  • Includes the features of the 787B plus
  • 24 V loop power supply
  • HART mode setting with loop power (adds 250 ohm resistor)

787 vs 789 specifications

While the two meters are similar, there are a few differences between the specs. The Fluke 787B price offers a bit more cost savings than the Fluke 789 price, as the 789 includes a few additional features and expanded specifications over the 787B.

Product specs
Maximum voltage1000 V RMS1000 V RMS
Operating temperature-20 to 55ºC-20 to 55ºC
Voltage measurements
Range0-1000 V AC or DC0-1000 V AC or DC
Resolution0.1 mV to 1.0 V0.1 mV to 1.0 V
Accuracy0.1% Rdg+1 LSD (V DC)0.1% Rdg+1 LSD (V DC)
Current Measurement
Range0-1 A     0-30 mA0-1 A     0-30 mA
Resolution1 mA     0.001 mA1 mA     0.001 mA
Accuracy0.2%+2 LSD 0.05%+2 LSD0.2%+2 LSD 0.05%+2 LSD
Current Sourcing
Range0-20 mA or 4-24 mA0-20 mA or 4-24 mA
Accuracy0.05% of span0.05% of span
Other specifications
Max drive capability1200 Ω1200 Ω
Loop powerN/A24 V
Resistance measurementTo 40 MΩ, 0.2%+1 LSDTo 40 MΩ, 0.2%+1 LSD
FrequencyTo 19.999 kHz, 0.005%+1 LSDTo 19.999 kHz, 0.005%+1 LSD
ContinuityBeeps for resistance < 100 ΩBeeps for resistance < 100 Ω
Span checkNoYes
Handheld tool
Size (HxWxD)203 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm203 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm
Weight0.6 kg0.6 kg
BatteryFour AA alkalineFour AA alkaline
Battery life14 to 140 hours typical14 to 140 hours typical

For more detailed information on the features and specifications offered by both products, check out the Fluke 787 manual and the Fluke 789 manual under the “Resources” tab on the product pages.