Fluke 805 Vibration Meter Trending and Printing Instructions

  1. Press Browse button and find the data file that you copied from the 805 to your PC:
  2. Press the Configure Graph button:
  3. Select options to configure the graph and press the Plot Graph button:
  4. You will see the trend plot and severity scales to help you determine if the machine is healthy or not. Also shown below are the 805 screen captures when the machine is healthy and when it has a fault.
  5. To print the trend plot, simply use the print shortcut: Ctrl + P to open up the Print menu.
  6. Press the View Data button to see raw results:

This sheet is password protected, but you can copy and paste numbers from it to a new spreadsheet.

You can add screen captures of the trend plots or other images to make your own custom reports.

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