Product selection guide: Contact thermometers

Use our product selection guide to find the thermometer that fits your needs best.
Fluke 51 II Single Input Digital Thermometer 1
Fluke t3000 FC Wireless Temperature Module - 1
Fluke 51 II Handheld Digital Probe ThermometerFluke t3000 FC Wireless Temperature Module
Recommended usesLaboratory, quality assurance, process calibration, food safety, HVACElectrical, mechanical, plant, diesel, HVAC 
Probe typeThermocouple K, J, T, EK-type 
Number of inputs11 
Temperature rangeT-type: -250 °C to +400 °C (-418 °F to +752 °F)-200 °C to +1372 °C (-328 °F to +2502 °F) 
What temperature range do you need to measure?500 °C (+932 °F)-200 °C to +1372 °C (-328 °F to +2502 °F) 
Do you need more than 1 % 1 °C (2 °F) accuracy?  
Do you need to download data for analysis and reporting?  
Do you need on-board memory for trending and comparison?  
Will you do any hands-free, real-time temperature monitoring with a PC?  
Non-contact temperature range500 °C (+932 °F) 
Form factorFlatFlat 
Dimensions, approximate (H x W x D)17.3 x 8.6 x 3.8 cm (6.8 x 3.4 x 1.5 in)16.5 x 6.35 x 3.56 cm (6.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 in) 
Battery3 AA2 AA 
Warranty3 years2 years 
CaseHard case 
Temperature areaSurface temperatureSurface temperature 
Time stampRelative  
Hands-free logging  
Do you want to use industry standard thermocouples?  
Number of on-board memory locations65000 
PC download and software