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DMMs from Fluke

Fluke offers a wide assortment of meters to fit every need. Browse these five unique categories to fit a wide array of job applications, including yours:
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Designs for everyday use

Fluke’s DMMs also known as volt/ohm meters or VOMs combine several electronic measurement functions in one unit.

Our meters are designed to help you do your job faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy. There is a model for every budget and application. Choose from hand held troubleshooters to ultra-smart meters packed with features, including the ability to log and graph data, as well as high-precision bench units in our showcase.

For help in selecting which fits your needs best, visit our updated and improved interactive selection guide.
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Award winning Fluke 233

The Fluke 233 continues to impress, earning many awards including the 2009 Plant Engineering Product of the Year award.
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Products Showcase

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Fluke 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter » Fluke 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter
Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit » Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit
Fluke 289 » Fluke 289 True-RMS Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
Fluke 87 V » Fluke 87 V Industrial Multimeter
Fluke 233 » Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
Fluke 179 » Fluke 179 True RMS Digital Multimeter
Fluke 117 » Fluke 117 Electrician's Multimeter
Rugged Fluke 27 II/28 II » Fluke 27 II/28 II Industrial Multimeters
Fluke 28 II Ex Intrinsically Safe » Fluke 28 II Ex Intrinsically Safe True-RMS Digital Multimeter
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Digital Multimeter Resources

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Find it. Fix it. Fast.
See how Fluke wireless testers can make your job easier.

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