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Fluke 43B Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Miernik jakości energii Fluke 43B

The Fluke 41B Harmonics Analyzer combines the ease of use of a digital multimeter, the visual feedback of an oscilloscope and the power of a harmonics analyzer in a single instrument. If you're testing power on three-phase systems or trouble-shooting harmonics on non-linear loads, no test tool makes it easier.

The Model 41B is ideal for further analyzing data and optimizing system performance. Use the Fluke 41B's FlukeView® software (included) to download acquired data to a printer or an MS-DOS® or Windows® compatible computer for analysis and presentation.

Features at a Glance

Three Views of each reading

  • Waveform
  • Bargraph showing harmonic levels
  • Numeric values

Real-time Display Updates

Display updates three times a second for a dynamic view of actual circuit conditions.

Comprehensive Measurements

Measure rms, peak and total harmonic distortion (THD) for complex voltages and currents - with no manual calculations required.

Three-Phase readings

From a simple single-phase measurement, automatically calculates three-phase power for 3-wire balanced loads (typically 5% or less imbalance). To make the single-phase measurement, simply connect the meter as shown and select the 3º, 3C watts display.

System Critical Data

Immediate readings of Power Factors, KVAR, Crest Factor, K-Factor.

Display Harmonics individually to the 31st

Min/Max and Average Recording

Data Storage

Up to eight complete measurement sets.

Isolated Serial Interface

Communications with a serial printer or DOS® or Windows®-compatible computer.

Safety Designed

To meet the latest standards: IEC 1010-1, pollution degree 2, Installation Category III, material group II, 600 V. Double insulated protection as described in IEC 1010-1, Annex H.



One cycle of the fundamental waveform and its frequency. Instantaneous voltage at cursor position.

figure 2


Identifying sources of harmonic currents. Obtaining data for designing, specifying or sizing transformers, filters, etc.



%-fundamental or %-rms, rms value, frequency, and phase angle of fundamental or harmonic currents (up to 31st), as selected by cursor from bar graph.


Identifying sources of harmonic currents. Obtaining data for designing, specifying or sizing transformers, filters, etc.



Watts, volt-amps, power factor (total) and displacement power factor of fundamental of single-phase or three-phase power.


Identifying displacement versus total power-factor. Determining proper power-factor correction methods.

Measurement Accuracy
Range and Resolution:  5.0 V to 600 V rms (AC+DC); ±5.0 V to ±933 V peak
Accuracy:  rms: ±(0.5 % + 2 digits); Peak or DC: ±(2 % + 3 digits) (Add 2 digits if < 15 V rms)
Current (1mV/A) Isolated input
Range and Resolution:  1.00 A to 1000 A rms (AC+DC); ±1.0 A to ±2000 A peak
Accuracy:  rms: ±(0.5% + 3 digits)+probe specs; Peak or DC: ±(2 % + 4 digits) + probe specs
Watts/Volt-Amps (1mV/A) isolated input
Range and Resolution:  0.0W(VA) to 600 kW(kVA) average;
 0.0W(VA) to ±2000 kW(kVA) peak
Accuracy:  AC+DC: ±(1 % + 4 digits) + probe specs
Harmonics (harmonic level >5% using Smooth 20)
Volts:  : Fundamental to 13th ±(2 %+2 digits);
 At 31st ±(8 %+2 digits);
Amperes or Watts:  Fundamental to 13th ±(3 % + 3 digits) + probe specs;
 At 31st ±(8 % + 3 digits) + probe specs
Range and Resolution:  6.0 Hz to 99.9 Hz
Accuracy:  ±0.3 Hz
Input Bandwidth
 DC, 6 Hz to 2.1 kHz
Crest Factor (CF)
Range and Resolution:  6.0 Hz to 99.9 Hz
Accuracy :  ±0.3 Hz
Power Factor (PF)
Range and Resolution:  0.00 to 1.00
Accuracy:  ±0.02
Displacement Power Factor (DPF)
Range and Resolution:  0.00 to 1.00
Accuracy:  ±0.04 to ±0.03 (0.30 to 0.89) ±0.02 (0.90 to 1.00)
Range and Resolution:  -179 º to 180 º
Accuracy (Fundamental):  ±2 º + probe specs
K-Factor (KF)
Range and Resolution  1.0 to 30.00
Accuracy  ± 10%
Range and Resolution:  0.00 % to 799.9 %
Accuracy:  ±(0.03 Reading + 2.0 %)
Range and Resolution:  0.0 % to 99.9 %
Accuracy:  ±(0.03 Reading + 2.0 %)

General Specifications
Minimum Input Levels
 5 V rms or 1 A rms
Battery Life
 4 alkaline "C" cells ANSI/NEDA-14A, IEC-LR14 (supplied) 48 hours typical (continuous)
Shock & Vibration
 Per MIL-T-28800, Class 3
 Drip-Proof and Dust-Proof per IEC, IP 52
 234 mm L x 100 mm W x 64 mm D (9.2" L x 3.9" W x 2.5" D)
 0.9 kg (2.0 lb.)
 One Year Warranty
Nazwa modeluPopisCeny
Fluke 41B Power Harmonics Analyzer including:
  • Isolated RS-232 Cable
  • FlukeView® Software
  • Software Manual
  • 80i-500s AC Current Probe
  • TL24 Test Leads
  • AC20 Test Clips
  • TP20 Test Probes
  • Operator's manual

AC285Zaciski krokodylkowe AC285 SureGrip™Cennik

Test ProbesCeny
TP1Końcówki pomiarowe cienkie TP1 (płaskie ostrze)Cennik
TP2Końcówki pomiarowe cienkie TP2 (2 mm)Cennik

Cęgi prądoweCeny
i200sCęgi prądowe AC i200sCennik
i3000sCęgi prądowe AC i3000sCennik
i2000 flexCęgi prądowe AC z elastyczną pętlą i2000 flexCennik
80i-110sCęgi prądowe AC/DC 80i-110s (100 A)Cennik
i1000sSonda prądowa AC i1000sCennik

Przewody i końcówki pomiaroweCeny
PAC91Kabel do drukarki z adapterem PAC 91Cennik

Sondy wysokonapięcioweCeny
80k-1580K-15 High Voltage ProbeCennik
80K-40Sonda wysokonapięciowa 80K-40Cennik
80K-6Sonda wysokonapięciowa 80K-6Cennik

Walizki i holsteryCeny
C125Miękki futerał C125Cennik
C43Miękki futerał C43Cennik
C550Torba na narzędzia C550Cennik
C100Walizka na miernik i akcesoria C100Cennik
C800Walizka na miernik i akcesoria C800Cennik

80TKModuł termopary 80TK (typu K)Cennik
80T-150UAUniwersalna sonda temperaturowa (do multimetrów)Cennik

Test LeadsCeny
TLK220Przemysłowy zestwa akcesoriów TLK-220 SureGripCennik
TL223Zestaw elektrycznych przewodów pomiarowych TL223 SureGrip™Cennik
TL220Zestaw przemysłowych przewodów pomiarowych SureGrip™ zawiera:Cennik
TL238Zestaw przewodów pomiarowych TL238 SureGrip™ do instalacji wysokoenergetycznychCennik
TL71Zestaw przewodów pomiarowych TL71Cennik
TL221Zestaw przewodów przedłużających TL221 SureGrip™Cennik
TL224Zestaw silikonowych przewodów pomiarowych TL224 SureGrip™Cennik
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