Fluke 700LTP-1 Düşük-basınç Test Pompası

  • Fluke 700LTP-1 Low-pressure Test Pump

Temel özellikler

  • Pump can be easily cleaned without disassembly
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve with slow-bleed capability. Allows the slow release pressure at a controlled rate
  • Quick fit connectors, one for the reference port for connection to a Fluke 700 series pressure module and one to connect to a unit under test
  • Slim design, easy to carry and use

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The Fluke 700LTP-1 is a hand operated pressure pump designed to generate either vacuum to -12.7 PSI / -.87 bar or pressures to 100 psi / 6.9 bar. The Fluke 700LTP-1 has two pressure ports with quick fit connectors. Test hoses are terminated with 1/8-NPT female fittings that can be adapted using the BSP/ISO adapters.

For use with 700 series pressure modules and 717 pressure calibrators. Ideal for low pressure applications requiring accurate low pressure testing.

Özellikler: Fluke 700LTP-1 Düşük-basınç Test Pompası

Mekanik ve Genel Özellikler

Modeller: Fluke 700LTP-1 Düşük-basınç Test Pompası

Low-pressure Test Pump

Low-pressure Test Pump

Satın alın
  • (2) adapters to convert the reference and UUT port hose fitting to 1/4" BSP female
  • One seal kit
  • Instruction sheet in English