Fluke CNX™ v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module

  • Fluke CNX™ v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module
  • Fluke CNX™ v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module
  • Fluke CNX™ v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module
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Principales fonctions

The CNX v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module provides:

  • True RMS AC voltage measurements to 1000V
  • ±1% accuracy to 500 Hz, ± 2% accuracy to 1 kHz
  • Memory recording up to 65,000 readings
  • Backlit LCD display
  • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V; IP42

The CNX wireless system can track up to 10 measurement modules simultaneously, with results sent to a PC for detailed analysis.

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The CNX™ V3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module lets you work on electrical panels faster, safer and easier than ever before. Deenergize the cabinet. Connect one or more CNX™ v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Modules. Close the cabinet and reenergize. Now you can view measurements from up to 20 meters away on the CNX™ Wireless Multimeter. Measuring three-phase systems has never been faster or easier. Plus, no more writing down data as the CNX™ v3000 Voltage Module captures up to 65,000 sets of time stamped min/max/avg readings, using the optional PC adapter. CNX™ wireless test tools also offer increased safety by letting you view readings in a separate location from the test point. Now you can take readings on moving machinery, with only the measurement module in harm’s way.

Spécifications: Fluke CNX™ v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module

Accuracy is specified as ± ([% of reading] + [number of least significant digits]). All ranges are autoranging. Accuracy is specified from 5 % to 100 % of the range obtained by autoranging, from 18 °C to 28 °C.

AC Voltage
Range ¹Resolution Accuracy ² ³
45 Hz to 500 Hz500 Hz to 1 kHz
6.000 V0.001 V1.0 % + 32.0 % + 3
60.00 V0.01 V
600.0 V0.1 V
1000 V1 V

¹ All AC voltage ranges are specified from 1 % of range to 100 % of range.
² Crest factor of ≤ 3 at full scale up to 500 V, decreasing linearly to crest factor ≤ 1.5 at 1000 V.
³ For non-sinusoidal waveforms, add – (2 % of reading + 2 % full scale) typical, for crest factor up to 3.

General Specifications
LCD w/backlight3½ digits, 6000 counts, updates 4/sec
Battery type2 AA, NEDA 15 A, IEC LR6
Battery life400 Hours
MemoryRecord up to 65,000 readings
Unbound listen interval5 seconds
RF communications2.4 GHZ ISM Band
RF communication range20 Meters
Operating temperature-10 °C to +50 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C to +60 °C
Operating humidity90 % at 35 °C, 45 % at 40 °C, 45 % at 50 °C
EMCEN 61326-1:2006
Safety complianceEN/IEC 61010-1:2010 to 1000 V Measurement Category (CAT) III
600 V Measurement Category (CAT) IV EN/IEC 61010-2-030:2010
EN/IEC 61010-031:2002+A1:2008
Pollution degree2
Temperature coefficient0.1 X (specified accuracy)/ °C (< 18 °C or > 28 °C)
Safety ratingCAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
CertificationsCSA, FCC T68-FWCS IC:6627A-FWCS
Ingress protection (IP) ratingIP42
Size (HxWxD)16.5 x 6.35 x 3.56 cm (6.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 in)
Weight.22 kg (8 oz)