Fluke Connect2

Fluke Connect tools, sensors and condition monitoring software.

Fluke Connect2

Turn your enterprise asset management (EAM) or computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system into an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hub, enabling maintenance teams to incorporate real-time condition data into their existing workflow.

Fluke Connect2Assets™

Index existing automation systems against your EAM/CMMS solution, allowing the software to intelligently monitor the equipment it manages. Without purchasing additional hardware, maintenance teams can leverage thousands of existing PLC/SCADA sensors that generate billions of condition and process data points every day that indicate asset health.

Fluke Connect2Mobile™

Send condition data generated by Fluke Connect2Assets directly to technicians in the field. Fluke Connect2Mobile combines alarms from SCADA systems with EAM/CMMS data — including work orders, asset history, and spare parts — and sends it to smart devices, reducing unplanned downtime by as much as 60%.

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“Vanderlande sees Fluke Connect2Mobile work management as a vital tool for us to ensure that we meet our KPIs. We can control many different operations using a single device, [so] staff no longer have to make unnecessary journeys and the whole team is better informed at all times, which means we can be so much more efficient.”

-Thomas Gebbert, Service Account Manager at Vanderlande

Fluke Connect2 Solutions

Optimize maintenance scheduling

Improved warranty compliance

Increase in equipment uptime

Faster time-to-action

Reduced maintenance cost

Improve operational efficiency

Fluke Connect2 sends SCADA alarms directly to a technician’s smart device based on the technician’s availability, location, and skill. It also allows technicians to access EAM maintenance information and updates to work orders, ensuring that workers are always in the know.

  • Shift to condition-based maintenance
  • Filter alarms directly from assets, sending them technician’s smart devices
  • Arm maintenance teams with critical asset information in real-time
  • Check and issue spare parts without returning to the office
  • Create, update and assign work orders from anywhere
  • Provide asset information, maintenance history, spare parts, and more directly to field technicians

Visualize Fluke Connect2

Adding Fluke Connect2 to your preventive maintenance program significantly reduces costs versus traditional methods of asset management.

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Improve workflows with Fluke Connect2

Gather your SCADA and EAM data into one place, giving maintenance teams easy access to information and work orders.