Fluke DP120 Differential Probe

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Descripción general del producto: Fluke DP120 Differential Probe

The DP120 differential voltage probe is designed to make measurements on signals with floating reference. It has two probes with shrouded banana probe tips (one red, one black) and shielded cable for improved noise immunity. Input impedance between each input to shielding BNC is 5 MΩ in parallel with 6 pF. Input impedance between the inputs is 10 MΩ with a capacitance of 5 pF.

Especificaciones: Fluke DP120 Differential Probe

InputProbes with shrouded banana probe tip
Probe length1.5 m (60 in)
Maximum input voltage to ground600 Vrms CAT III per IEC 1010-2-031
1000 Vrms CAT II, per IEC 1010-2-031
Maximum differential voltage1000 VDC or 1000 Vrms or 1200 V (DC + AC peak)
Output cableSafety designed 0.5 m (5 ft) BNC Cable
Attenuation200x and 20x
BandwidthDC to 20 MHz (-3 dB)
Rise time17.5 ns
CMRR: 200x:@ 60 Hz = 80 dB, @ 1 MHz = 50 dB 20x: @ 60 Hz = 70 dB, @ 1 MHz = 40 dB
Battery typeAlkaline 9 V, NEDA, IEC6LR61
Battery life8-hour operation, 400-hour stand by
Power adapterPM 8907/80n (optional)
Included accessoriesAC85A Large Jaw Alligator Clips and AC83 Pin-Grabber Test Clips

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Fluke DP120 Differential Probe
Differential Probe