Medidores láser de distancia de Fluke

Los medidores láser de distancia de Fluke superan a los medidores sónicos y de cinta con sus potentes funciones matemáticas, y ahorran tiempo y dinero.

Frequently asked questions for laser distance measurers & laser measuring tape

What is a Laser Distance Meter?

A laser distance meter is a handheld device that allows you to perform quick, high-precision measurements with laser technology. Laser distance meters are accurate, easy-to-use, and simplify measurement in hard-to-reach and hazardous places. A laser measurer offers many advantages over traditional measuring tape, from safety to straightness and speed of measurement.

Laser measuring tape is a term that generally refers to laser distance meters and measurement tools.

Laser measurement tools, also known as laser measuring tools or laser measure tools, are again a synonymous term for laser distance meters.

How Does Laser Measurement Work?

Laser measurement works by firing a focused beam of light to a target and measuring the reflection. A laser measurement tool will automatically calculate the time between the two events and converts into distance: Distance = .5 x (Time x Speed). Leading tools will also continue to adjust the distance value as you move closer to or farther away from a target.

How Accurate is Laser Measurement?

Laser measurememt is highly accurate, with high-precision measurement tools providing accurate readings down to within +/- 1mm. When it comes to distance, high-quality devices can instantly measure up to 100m.