FlukeView® Forms Software Updates

FlukeView Forms Basic 3.8.4 (.exe)
FlukeView Forms plus Designer 3.8.4 (.exe)
Fluke 975 USB Drivers (.zip)

FlukeView Forms Software.

Anyone with FlukeView Forms version 3.0 or later can receive a free software update by clicking the links and downloading the software from this site. Basic users would select the "Basic" link and users with the complete package would select the "plus Designer" link. If your present FlukeView Forms software is older than version 3.0 (less than 3.0) you must purchase new software. Version 3.8 of the software, just released, may be downloaded free of charge for all users with FlukeView Forms versions 3.0 or later.

Version 3.8 includes several improvements and new features over version 3.6:

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Added instrument support for the Fluke FC 3000 family.
  • Added instrument support for the Fluke CNX 3000 family.
  • Implemented a "Copy to Form" for new AutoHold values from a Fluke 289.
  • Made the "Export data.." settings sticky. Advanced setting selection for the export format simplified.
  • Modified Logging Setup for the Fluke 45, 8808A, 8845A/8846A: the default relative threshold floor or fixed threshold values to be based on the current reading values from the instrument.
  • Modified communications with the Fluke 8845A/8846A to prevent activating the instrument 'ERROR' annunciator when there is no second function.
  • Bug fix: Modified communications with the Fluke 8808A to prevent FVF from failing when communications with the instrument's command/response gets out of synch, and resets the 8808A communications.
  • Modified auto copy to form for the 165X family, now only auto-copies on upload of meter data to the form when there is only one session in the data.
  • In FlukeView Forms Designer, added default column layouts for the Display Readings Table form items for the Fluke 289/287, 568, 975 and 983.
  • Enhanced instrument detection feature to search for an active meter across the USB/serial ports without requiring any action from the user. The Tools/Options/Communications dialog can be used to exclude ports from the search or to select between active meters.
  • Added the ability through the Tools/Options/Instruments dialog to disable instruments from the search in order to speed up the detection.
  • Added the ability to import CNX csv formatted data into the form with the Edit/Import CNX Data menu item.
  • Bug fix: Select Readings for large logging sessions was extremely slow when a substantial number of rows were selected.
  • Added the ability to print all the data for a single logged readings or displayed readings table using the File/Print All Data... menu item.
  • Added the ability to "Find" records across multiple FlukeView Forms databases from the Find window.
  • Added the ability to assign a log graph's run time properties as a default
  • Added the ability to reassign group/trace colors for a form.

You can download the free Demo/Reader version of FlukeView® Forms. It allows you to open any FlukeView® Forms file and view or edit data that has been saved by a FlukeView® Forms user. It also allows you to see how data can be displayed, formatted, printed and saved in FlukeView® Forms.

This demonstration software does not include the FlukeView® Forms Designer, which allows you to customize your forms.

System Requirements for FlukeView® Forms Demo/Reader Software

  • Windows Operating System:
    • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • PC Hardware:
    • Pentium class or better microprocessor
    • 32 MB RAM
    • 70 MB free disk space (100 MB to install)
  • Administrator privileges required to install software.
  • If you have the commercial version of FlukeView Forms installed on your PC, you must uninstall it before installing the Demo/Reader software.

Download FlukeView® Forms Demo/Reader Software (.exe)