Fluke Norma High Precision Power Analyzers Software and Firmware

Fluke Norma 4000 and Norma 5000 Power Analyzers

NormaView Software (.zip)
This file is compressed, expand the contents of this file to a known location, then run the file launch to install the software.

Before carrying out the Norma Firmware upgrade process, check the version of firmware in your analyzer in the General Setup screen under Info (consult the operators manual for details).

Fluke Norma Upgrade 4000/5000

Firmware Update Utility (.exe)

Firmware Downloader Instructions (.txt)
Firmware upload utility for NORMA Power Analysers.

Download firmware upgrade file v1.6.1 (.zip)

Right click and select 'Save Target As' to save file prior to using upgrade tool.

FW1.6.1 Release Notes (.pdf)

Remote Control Commands for FW1.5 firmware(.pdf)

LabView drivers for Norma 4000 and Norma 5000.

LabView 7 Drivers (.zip)
LabView 8 Drivers (.zip)
LabView 9 Drivers (.zip)

Fluke Norma 6000 Series Portable Power Analyzers

Norma 6000 Series Firmware Upgrade v4.4.1 (.zip)
Before using the upgrade tool, right-click and select "Save Target As" to save the file.

Norma 6000 Series Power Analyzer Software v1.5.0.0 (.exe)

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