4322 v1.4.3.27 Embedded Software

4322 v1.4.3.27 Embedded Software (.bin)

Download the file by clicking on "4322 v1.4.3.27 Embedded Software".

Run Winflash and select the file downloaded as the file to write to the product.

Make sure the correct COM port of the product is connected to a RS232 port on the host PC. Use a standard RS232 cable to the COM1 port of the 4322.

The updating of embedded software should only be performed after given specific instructions to do so from a Fluke Calibration Authorized Service Center ».

If the update isn't performed properly, your product will be inoperable until it is.
Updates Include:
Ver (2015 Nov 30)
FIX:, Remove UI resolution selection of 0.0001%/reading
FIX: ABORT command causes a fatal exception and lock up
FIX: Erroneous overpressure/PMAX message when starting vacuum part of a compound test
ADD: Detect if the sensor's door switch is unplugged or failed
Ver (2014 Jul 03)
FIX: In some cases, the autofill down scale test points are not the same as the up scale test points.
FIX: Do not pre-populate new tests with test points. New tests should be empty.
FIX: Some Compound test autofill points (vacuum) have repeat points
FIX: Unit vents after every (non vent) point running a Normal or Adv mode test in abs mode
FIX: "ATM" test points in an abs mode test sets a target of '0' instead of venting
FIX: "SYSTEM:TIME" command hour argument limited from 1-24 hours instead of 0-23 hours
FIX: You can set an invalid time or date from the front panel
FIX: Repeat failed barochecks and Improve Barocheck failure reporting
FIX: Clock rolls over from 11:59 pm to 00:01 am.
FIX: If 0 is entered for a switch test Lower Down Scale parameter, the test aborts and vents when the initial pressure target is reached. If a value other than zero is used, the test performs as expected.
FIX: Compound Gauge test pressure to vacuum transition vent point is in a vacuum reference
FIX: "Waiting for Measure" appears during test's vent point even when it's "Not Ready"
FIX: Leak check pressure units do not fully overwrite previous leak check units
FIX: Use max-min instead of span to calculate points in auto-fill when the reference is vacuum
ADD: Add temperature entry fields to the self-cal setup screen and indicated entry on the self-cal report.
ADD: Set post test execution screen temperature to 68dF instead of using the THM internal temp
ADD: Remove warm up error message when attempt to run a Barocheck before it is warmed up
ADD: Execute the self-cal exercise cycle 3 times
Ver (20013 Dec 12)
Initial release