How to setup the 173x series energy logger

Power quality

Most of us work in tech support departments and one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: how to set up a energy logger or power analyzer.

We’re always happy to help so we’ve created a video that shows how you can easily setup an Energy Logger from the Fluke 173x series.

Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Logger

The power logger used in this video was the Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Logger.

Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Logger
Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Logger
  • Key measurements: Automatically log voltage, current, power, power factor, displacement power factor (DPF), energy, total harmonic distortion (THD), harmonics spectrum and unbalance. Simultaneously capture voltage events like dips, swells and interruptions.
  • Energy Analyze Plus application software: Download and analyze every detail of energy consumption and power quality measurements with automated reporting. The optional IEEE519 enables automatic harmonics reports to be generated according to the standard.
  • Convenient instrument powering: Power the instrument directly from the measured circuit.
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance and downstream.
  • Connect to your mobile device: Use the Fluke Connect App to communicate directly or via your Wi-Fi network to see live data, capture screens and create reports.