World Engineering Day 2021

21 Sep 2021

Every year, March 4th is World Engineering Day. This annual, international celebration highlights the achievements of engineers. From the invention of the wheel all the way to Mars exploration rovers, engineering plays a leading role in our culture. That’s why World Engineering Day goes beyond celebrating the technological improvements and insights engineering adds to our modern lives. The day is also designed to promote engineering as a career and inspire us to change the world for the better.

“Everything, every piece of technology, every building, is engineering,” Marcella Bennett, an electrical engineer for Fluke Networks, said.

Engineer's day at Fluke

Fluke was founded by an engineer, and as the global leader in test and measurement tools and software, it’s important to recognize the engineers across our organization. These individuals and teams are behind the scenes developing every Fluke tool.

Many of the engineers at Fluke look at the field as being bigger than any one individual. Software engineer, Zoe Cline regularly remembers something she was told in college. It’s a piece of information that has stayed with her and even pushed her toward a career in engineering,

"Engineers save more lives than doctors. We’re not that EMT with a portable defibrillator trying to get someone’s heart to start. We’re the individual inventing the portable defibrillator.”

How to celebrate engineering day

World Engineering day is about more than celebrating past engineers, it’s about looking toward the future. When mechanical engineer, Rick Rodriguez’s son came to him concerned about the future of the world, Rick told him, “There are a lot of very creative and passionate people right now, out there addressing the issues. And the one that plays center stage is the engineer.”

This day is about encouraging those who will invent the future to take a step into the field of engineering. Han Tran, an engineer at Fluke said the goal in celebrating Engineers Day for her is, “to make sure that younger engineers see that it is possible for people who are not always seen in engineering to be part of engineering.”  

Happy World Engineering Day.

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