World Metrology Day celebrates "Measurements and Light"

Everett, Wash. – On May 20th, scientists and organizations dedicated to the worldwide uniformity of measurement celebrate World Metrology Day, which commemorates the signing of the international treaty to coordinate global weights and measures and support the development of the metric system. Fluke Corporation views World Metrology Day as a time to recognize the indispensable yet often overlooked role measurement plays in everyday life.

The theme for World Metrology Day 2015 is "Measurements and Light," which was chosen to align with the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015), a global initiative designed to highlight the key role light and optical technologies play in our daily lives and their importance for our future and for the sustainable development of the society we live in.

Metrology, the science of measurement, is the basis for most other technologies, yet many people don't understand its impact on everyday life. Measurement standards support free trade by providing consistency in measurement when we buy and sell. It sets standards for industrial safety. It guarantees interoperability of products and technologies through global standards. And it enables consistency and quality in the products we rely on.

"Light is core to technologies in our everyday lives, from consumer products like smartphones and laptops, to those used in industry like laser distance finders and infrared cameras," said Fluke Chief Corporate Metrologist Jeff Gust. "Uniform measurement of light, electricity, and other properties is essential to the interoperability of all the devices in our daily lives and to ensuring people feel confident that those devices work as promised."

Visit the Fluke Calibration World Metrology Day Resource Center for a message from Jeff Gust, videos about metrology, and a virtual tour of the Fluke electrical metrology laboratory.

To learn more about World Metrology Day, visit www.flukecal.com.

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