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Vibration. See the unseen.

So much of movement is invisible to the human eye. Sure, our eyes can see a cymbal move when struck by a drum stick. But it’s what our eyes can’t see that is most captivating. Metal rippling as if it were fabric fluttering in the wind, droplets of water bouncing and hovering just above the surface of a puddle; the beauty and science of movement is in the details. And the details are often the result of vibrations.

Fluke and Propadata Films teamed up to explore the world of vibrations—the world of unseen movement—through high-speed videography. Employing the use of a Phantom HD Gold camera, we were able to film a variety of materials and activities at the astounding rate of 1,000 frames per second. What resulted is an amazing short film of movement in slow motion, highlighting the effects of vibration normally invisible to the naked eye. If you haven’t already viewed the “Vibrations” video, we invite you to do so.

The Fluke Corporation’s interest in seeing the unseen began with its development of the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester, a revolutionary predictive maintenance tool. The Fluke 810 uses machinery vibration to determine where a problem is, what the problem is, and how severe it is. By measuring unseen vibrations, maintenance managers and technicians can obtain an immediate answer, ultimately reducing plant downtime and repair costs.

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The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester.
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Vibration video contributors

Fluke Vibration Business Unit
Propadata Films
Will Lemke - Director, Editor, Music
Ryan Taggart - Assistant Director, Editor, Motion Graphics
Dean Cannon - HD Phantom Gold Technician
Joshua Stewart - Vibration Technician
Alex Walsh - Lighting Technician
Ryan Miyake - Sound Design
Anthony Tackett - Production Assistant, Stills
Jon Aiken - Production Assistant, Behind the Scenes
Jim Bailey - Actor
J David - Actor
Bartom McGuire - Musical Saw
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