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Fluke is more than a manufacturer of high quality electronic test tools. We are also dedicated to providing high quality services to support our products in your applications. To protect your product investment, Fluke Service Centers and authorized service partners are located at strategic locations throughout Europe and the Middle-East to support you with calibration, repair, and self maintenance services, including service parts and manuals.

There are many ways that Fluke brings what you need, when you need it, in the world of calibration and repair:

  • ISO 9001:2000 facility with factory trained personnel
  • Service coverage
  • Flat rate calibration or repair charge for most Fluke manufactured products
  • Calibration services for older instruments or those not covered under flat rate
  • Fast Emergency Service
  • Handle all your service needs with one simple plan
  • Calibration documentation
  • 17025 accredited calibration
  • Traceability

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Traceerbaar kalibratiecertificaat 
Ontvang uw nieuwe Fluke-instrument bedrijfsklaar, inclusief herleidbaar kalibratiecertificaat.

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