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SCC198 Juego de accesorios para aplicaciones automoción (serie 120)


Using the ScopeMeter 190 Series in dedicated applications like automotive electronics troubleshooting, often requires special accessories like adapters, connectors and test leads to establish the measurement connection to the circuitry under test. The Fluke SCC198 kit provides a host of accessories that allow you to easily and quickly make measurements on automotive electronic systems, using a 190 Series ScopeMeter.

The SCC198 Automotive troubleshooting kit includes:

  • C190 Hard-shell Carrying Case for 190-Series ScopeMeter
  • SW90W FlukeView ScopeMeter Software package
  • OC4USB Serial Interface Cable for connecting the ScopeMeter to a (notebook) PC
  • STL90 Shielded Test Leads (1 red & 1 gray) with 2 ground leads
  • Four Backprobe pins (1 red, 1 gray, 2 black),
  • Four 4 mm Tip adapters (1 red, 1 gray, 2 black),
  • AC85A Sets of Alligator Clips (Four pieces, 1 red, 1 gray, 2 black)
  • C75 Softcase, for holding and storing all smaller items
  • Low pass filter adapters (2 pieces)
  • BNC(m) to BNC(f) extension cables (2 pieces)

… plus ample storage space to hold all standard accessories and manuals, included with the ScopeMeter testtool (ScopeMeter testtool not included in SCC198)

Nombre del modeloDescripción
SCC198SCC198 Juego de accesorios para aplicaciones automoción (serie 120)
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