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Fluke WC100 彩色本地辨識組


  • To organize and identify multiple leads and cables in a work area
  • Set contains 32 wire clips in 8 colors easily snap onto test leads and current clamp cables
  • To comply with country by country differences in wire colors on phases

產品概述: Fluke WC100 彩色本地辨識組

  • 用於組織及辨識工作區域內的多條導線與纜線
  • 每組含 8 種顏色的 32 個電線夾,可輕鬆夾在測試導線與電流鈎鉗纜線上
  • 符合因國家而異的相位電線顏色

機型: Fluke WC100 彩色本地辨識組

Fluke WC100
Color Localization Set