Chinese Traditional

C195 便攜包


  • Zippered carrying case with storage compartments.
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Main compartment can be devided in three smaller compartments for safe and stable storage of main instrument and the larger accessories
  • Front pouch has elastic straps to hold smaller accessories conveniently
  • Side pouches can be detached for optimal flexibility
  • One year warranty

產品概述: C195 便攜包

  • 拉鍊式的儲物空間便攜包。
  • 肩帶方便於攜帶。
  • 主要儀器的安全性和儲存穩定性和較大的附件,主隔層,可劃分為三個小隔層。
  • 前袋有彈性帶,方便地持有較小的附件。
  • 最佳的軟性,可以拆卸側袋。
  • 一年保固。

機型: C195 便攜包

Fluke C195