TL81A Lyxsats elektroniska testkablar

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The TL81 kit consists of a quadfold nylon pouch containing two each (one black and one red) of the following items:

  • One meter long test lead with a safety shrouded, right angle banana connector on one end and a stainless steel test probe on the other end, rated up to 10A. Silicone-insulated leads have superior flexibility in cold temperatures and resistance to high temperatures
  • Insulated alligator clip rated up to 5A
  • Insulated probe tip extender rated up to 3A
  • Modular test probe with banana connector in the handle, rated up to 10A
  • Modular hook-style clip test lead with banana connector, rated up to 5A
  • Modular pinch-style clip test lead with banana connector, rated up to 5A
  • Modular alligator clip with banana connector, rated up to 5A
  • Slide-on IC probe tip adapter (rated up to 3A) and test lead couplers
  • Bare spade lug with banana connector, rated up to 10A
  • CAT III 300V
  • Compatible with Fluke and other multimeters that accept safety shrouded, standard diameter banana connectors
  • CSA approved
  • One year warranty

Produktöversikt: TL81A Lyxsats elektroniska testkablar

  • Allting från TL80 samt ett par (röd, svart) 1 meter långa silikonisolerade testsladdar, probar, krok- och knipklämma, krokodilklämmor, IC-probspetsadapter samt kabelskokontakter
  • Mjuk bärväska
  • KAT II, 300 V CSA-listad
  • En års garanti

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