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  • Real-time meters and waveforms, phasors, and harmonic spectra are available at the click of a button
  • Zoom in and out on trends and events to get the complete picture
  • Check the health of the system at a glance using power tolerance curves
  • Connect to any monitor connected directly to your PC, on your LAN, or via dial-up connection
  • Change settings, display real-time data, and download measurements/events from Power Recorder, Insite or Multipoint
  • Maintain your library of power quality studies using notation and compression tools
  • Report Writer option jump-starts written communication with clients, management and equipment vendors
  • Polling and alarming option automates collection of data from multiple monitors. Alert key personnel to serious events by executing alarm procedures. Easily centralize data collection via a LAN/WAN network

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Fluke Power Analysis Software
Power Analysis Software delivers professional results through a straightforward Windows® interface

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