Fluke ii900 Software and Firmware Upgrade

For model number ii900

Download FLK-ii900 Firmware v.3.0 here (.swu)

Instructions to upgrade Fluke ii900 using a SWU file:

  • ii900 battery charge must be at least 25%. Use the USB-C cable provided with the unit.
  • Connect the unit to a Windows computer and turn it on. Look for device named FLK-ii900 on Windows file browser and copy the .SWU file in the root folder of FLK-ii900 unit.
  • Once the file is copied, ii900 will detect it and ask to begin the firmware update. Accept to begin.
  • Once the firmware update is completed, ii900 will ask to reboot the unit. Accept to restart.

To ensure you have the latest version of operating firmware, please download this file and save it to your hard drive.

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