P5531 Dirt/Moisture Trap

  • P5531 Dirt/Moisture Trap

Descripción general del producto: P5531 Dirt/Moisture Trap

Pressure range 0 to 500 psi (35 bar)

Dirt/moisture traps provide an effective barrier against the transfer of moisture and dirt from an instrument under test to the sensitive piston/cylinder assembly of a pneumatic deadweight tester. Unexpected particle contamination or fluid inside the device under test will be prevented from entering the deadweight system, avoiding downtime for maintenance or repair. Designed for operation in the vertical position these traps are simple to dismantle and easy to clean.

Designed to mount directly on the deadweight tester and featuring an acrylic chamber for visibility of contaminates this unit utilizes the standard test port adapters for easy instrument connections.

Especificaciones: P5531 Dirt/Moisture Trap

Pressure range0 to 500 psi (35 bar)
Body materialStainless steel
Chamber materialAcrylic
Test port connectionAs supplied with calibrator
Deadweight connection3/8 BSP male (mating adapter supplied
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