Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo

Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo

Integrate asset data to improve PdM practices

Soon you'll be able to integrate data from Fluke condition monitoring sensors, providing a clearer picture of asset health. Enable predictive maintenance (PdM) of assets using Integrated Condition Monitoring (ICM) for Maximo. Bringing these two powerhouses together gives teams the information they need to make better data-driven decisions and improve asset reliability.

With ICM for Maximo, you can:

Forecast faults and failures with real-time and historical data

  • Combining condition data with IBM Maximo enables teams to transition maintenance programs to predictive strategies. Cutting down on preventive maintenance reduces unnecessary resource allocation and time spent on failures, improving availability.

Leverage data you already collect to improve PdM programs

  • Teams already collect cycle counts and other asset events from IBM Maximo. Bringing the information together allows teams to make decisions based on actionable insights

Make IBM Maximo work harder for you

Speak to a specialist about how Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo can work for you.

Benefits of connected condition monitoring solutions

Continuously capturing asset data via condition monitoring sensors allows maintenance and reliability teams to strengthen maintenance practices. View historical and real-time information, receive early warnings of potential failures, and make decisions on and how to take corrective actions. ICM for Maximo controls labor costs by reducing the amount of unnecessary preventive maintenance actions and freeing teams to focus on critical assets. Predictive maintenance technology reduces unplanned downtime using data to get ahead of faults and failures.

Breakdown silos between industrial data

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