Fluke ScopeMeter® 123/124 Series Version 2 Firmware Upgrade

A firmware upgrade for ScopeMeter test tool 123/124  is available, which gives you the following additional functions:

  • Battery refresh time changed from 12 to 19 hours to reflect the real situation (V2.02)
  • Postscript printing improved. (V2.01)
  • A screen refresh is done after a 'send setup' action (V2.01)

Upgrading Version V2.00, V2.01 or V2.02  to Version V2.03 - Instruments with firmware version V2.0x  are field upgradable free of charge.
Please contact the Fluke service department for firmware updates on this product.

  • Fluke 123 Series ScopeMeter, with firmware version V2.00 to V2.02 (See Firmware Level Check below);
  • A PC, running Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0, XP or Vista, with a free RS-232 or USB port to perform the software installation;
  • PM9080 or OC4USB (RevII) optically isolated serial interface cable (as included with the ScopeMeter 12x/S model and with the SCC-120 kit) for data interconnection between the PC and the instrument

Firmware Level Check - Press USER OPTIONS and F3 [VERSION & CAL …] on your ScopeMeter to check its firmware version.

Upgrading earlier Versions - Instruments with firmware version V1.0x cannot be upgraded to V2.03

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