PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit

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  •  PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit
  •  PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit
  •  PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit
  •  PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit
  •  PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit

Key features

  • Measures and displays I-V curves up to 1500V and 30A, including on high efficiency modules
  • Advanced built-in PV model provides immediate PV performance checking
  • Wireless interfaces for faster setup, safer work environment, and freedom of movement during PV troubleshooting
  • Automates data management, analysis, and reporting
  • Identify hotspots that may indicate damaged or underperforming cells

Product overview: PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit



Fluke offers a variety of training related to PV test and measurement. Training can either be delivered as a virtual on-demand course or as a live online presentation/discussion format with a product expert (may differ regionally).

Discover PVA-1500 Training

Featuring the PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer and the TiS75+ Thermal Camera, this toolkit is designed to streamline the inspection process and ensure optimal performance of solar arrays. The PVA-1500HE2 offers an array of advanced features, including high throughput I-V curve tracing, providing quick and detailed performance data. Its intuitive user interface enables easy navigation and real-time analysis, allowing for immediate identification of potential issues. Complementing this, the TiS75+ Thermal Camera provides precise thermal imaging to detect anomalies like hot spots and faulty connections. From commissioning and troubleshooting to routine inspections and performance optimization, this toolkit empowers solar professionals to maximize the efficiency and reliability of solar installations.

Using a thermal camera such as the Fluke TiS75+ at a solar PV site can help improve system performance, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of the solar panels and related components. Thermal inspections with the Ti75+ can assist in:
  • Locating hotspots on solar panels indicating damage or underperformance
  • Identifying electrical issues such as loose or corroded connections
  • Preventing critical issues and extending system life
  • Ensuring proper installation and safe operation
  • Monitoring system performance and identify degradation or anomalies
  • Assessing shading issues that impact energy production

Measure your solar PV system performance

The PVA-1500HE2 is a cutting-edge I-V curve tracer kit designed to measure PV system performance. With this high precision testing equipment, you can reliably assess the health and performance of solar modules and arrays, making informed decisions to enhance their output and longevity.

The PVA-1500HE2 kit offers an array of advanced features, including high throughput I-V curve tracing, providing quick and detailed performance data. Its intuitive user interface enables easy navigation and real-time analysis, allowing for immediate identification of potential issues. By pinpointing problems early, you can maximize your solar energy production and minimize downtime.

Comprehensive measurements and efficient analysis

For commissioning, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting of PV arrays, I-V curve testing is the most complete solar module performance measurement. Quick analysis of curve datasets aids in detecting outliers, and the stored data functions as a baseline for future performance inquiries.

Accurate I-V curve tracing

The PVA measures the I-V (current versus voltage) curve of a PV string or module using a capacitive load. The measurement is typically performed at the string level by connecting directly to the string or at a combiner box using the fuses to select the string under test. The number of I-V curve points can be selected at 100 or 500. Additionally, the PVA generates the P-V (power versus voltage) curve, Isc, Voc, Imp, Vmp, Pmax, fill factor, and performance factor (the ratio of measured to expected maximum power).

Time-saving interface

With a tablet or laptop (Windows only) as the user interface, perform more tests per hour and display the data in multiple, easy to read formats. Save your measurements by touching your customized array tree at the branch you are measuring. The software automatically calculates the expected I-V curve and displays the performance factor.

Advanced High Efficiency PV Testing Capabilities

Accurate measurement of high efficiency modules up to 30A: Highly efficient modules (>19% module efficiency) possess high
capacitance, posing a challenge for some I-V curve tracers that may not be able to measure them. The PVA-1500HE2 is uniquely
designed to measure all string types, even those with high efficiency modules, up to 30A.
Rapid performance in high temperature environments: The PVA-1500HE2 operates with a swift sweep-to-sweep delay of 9 seconds (at Voc<1350V). This results in the ability to measure 3.5 MW within an hour, even in high-temperature settings where standard curve tracers often fail due to overheating.

SolSensor™ Wireless PV Reference Sensor

The SolSensor™ provides irradiance, module temperature, and array tilt data to the PV model. The model uses this information to predict the I-V curve shape at these operating conditions and to translate the measured curve to standard test conditions. The SolSensor™ clamps to the module frame, automatically orienting the irradiance sensor to the plane-of-array.

The spectral response of the silicon photodiode sensor in the SolSensor™ is corrected for the PV technology under test. Special
factors are provided for multi- and mono-crystalline cells as well as cadmium telluride (CdTe) and other thin film technologies. The
sensor is temperature compensated and the angular response of each unit is calibrated for rotation and elevation. As a result, the SolSensor™ is accurate over a broad range of technologies, sky conditions, and sun angles, allowing I-V curve measurements earlier and later in the day.

The SolSensor™ provides two external thermocouple inputs for measuring module backside temperatures. Effective cell temperature can also be calculated directly from the measured I-V curve per IEC 60904-5. The PVA’s SmartTemp™ feature, optionally, blends these two methods for best accuracy.

The PVA and SolSensor™ communicate wirelessly with your PC via WiFi with a line-of-sight wireless range of 100m. That means no wires underfoot, quick setup, the ability to move around while troubleshooting strings, and flexibility to measure multiple combiner boxes with a single SolSensor™ setup.

Turn PVA data into key insights, visualizations, and customizable reports

Capture data in the field with the PVA Application and validate the results with the Data Analysis Tool (DAT), a Microsoft Excel™-based solution streamlining the analysis of PVA I-V curve data. It presents analysis results in multiple formats. It compiles key PV parameters in a string table, flags non-conforming strings, and delivers a statistical overview of the entire array. Additionally, it visually combines string I-V curves at the combiner box level, offering a clear depiction of consistency and identifying atypical strings. The tool also generates histograms for PV parameters across the string population, and this data can be added to a customizable report exported as a PDF. The Data Analysis Tool (DAT) can be downloaded for free use with any PVA.
Supported languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Download the PVA Application and Data Analysis Tool

What's in the box:

  • PVA-1500 V unit
  • SolSensor™ and clamp
  • Alligator test leads
  • MC4 disconnect tool
  • Chargers
  • 2x thermocouples and adhesive disks
  • Sensor cleaning supplies
  • Transit case (included with the PVA-1500HE2)
  • Available by free download: PVA Application and Data Analysis Tool

  • Thermal imager
  • AC power supply (including universal AC adapters)
  • Two-bay smart battery charger
  • Two rugged lithium ion smart batteries
  • USB cable
  • 4 GB micro SD card
  • Rugged hard carrying case with soft transport bag and adjustable hand strap
  • Available by free download: Fluke Connect™ software

Specifications: PVA-1500HE2 I-V Curve Tracer Thermography Kit

PVA-1500 Specifications  
Voltage Range (Voc)20 to 1500V DC
Maximum Current Range (Isc)
Module Efficiency <19%0 to 30A DC
Module Efficiency ≥19%0 to 10A DC0 to 30A DC
Voltage Accuracy (0 °C to 45 °C)±(0.5% ±0.25V)
Current Accuracy (0 °C to 45 °C)±(0.5% ±0.04A)
Power Accuracy (0 °C to 45 °C)±(1.7 % + 1.0 W) (current ≥3 A, module efficiency <19 %)
Voltage Resolution25 mV
Current Resolution2 mA
Measurement Throughput
Sweep-to-sweep delay (@VOC ≤ 1350V)<9 seconds
Max number of I-V sweeps per hour (@VOC ≤ 1350V)400 sweeps/hr
Max megawatts measured per hour3.5 MW/hr
Thermal Capacity
# sweeps at 18 s sweep-to-sweep delayunlimited (25 °C, 77 °F ambient)
550 (45 °C, 113 °F ambient)
# sweeps at 9s sweep-to-sweep delayunlimited (25 °C, 77 °F ambient)
330 (45 °C, 113 °F ambient)
I-V Trace Points100 or 500 (selectable)
I-V Sweep Duration0.05 to 2 seconds (typically 0.2 seconds for PV strings)
Operating Temperature Range0 °C to 45 °C, 32 °F to 113 °F
Storage Temperature Range-20 °C to 65 °C, -4 °F to 149 °F
Operating Humidity<90 % RH, non-condensing. Avoid exposing a cold instrument to warm and humid air as condensation will result. Store the instrument in the same conditions in which the instrument will be used.
Altitude2000 m max
Battery Charging Time6 hr
Battery Run TimeApprox. 8 hrApprox. 7 hr
Safety and RegulatoryCAT III 1500V
IEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
Warning FeaturesOver-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, reverse
PV ConnectorStaubli MC4-EVO2Banana Jacks
Charging/Charged LEDYes
In-the-field firmware update-readyYes
Interface to Tablet/LaptopWi-Fi interface between user tablet or laptop, I-V unit and
Weight6.6 kg, 14.55 lb7.3 kg, 16.09 lb
Height43.2 cm, 1.41 ft (including test lead and strain reliefs)53.3 cm, 1.74 ft
Width21.6 cm, 8.50 in
Depth15.2 cm, 5.98 in
PVA-1500 Test Lead and Clip Specifications
Voltage Range0 to 1500V DC
Current Range0 to 30A DC
Temperature0 °C to 45 °C, 32 °F to 113 °F
HumidityMaximum relative humidity of 80% for temperatures up to 31 °C (87.8 °F) decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40 °C (104 °F)
Pollution Degree2
Altitude2000 m, 6561 ft maximum
Lead Length152 cm, 59.84 in
Lead ColorsPositive=red, negative=black
Manufacturer (Test Leads and Alligator Clips)Staubli
Note: Use only test leads and clips provided by Fluke for the PVA-1500.
SolSensor™ Specifications 
Sensor TypeSilicon photodiode with corrections for temperature, spectral, and angular effects
Measurement Range100 W/m² to 1500 W/m²
Accuracy±2 % when used to predict the performance of well characterized poly- and monocrystalline PV modules with direct irradiance >600W/m²
Resolution1 W/m²
Measurement IntervalTypically, 3.5 s
Sensor TypeType K thermocouple, two inputs
Measurement Range0 °C to 100 °C, 32 °F to 212 °F
Accuracy±2 °C, 35.6 °F (not including limits of error of thermocouple)
Resolution0.1 °C, 32.18 °F
Measurement IntervalTypically, 3.5 s
Sensor TypeElectronic
Measurement Range0 to 90° from horizontal
Accuracy±2° typical (0 to 45°)
Measurement Cynchronization with I-V CurveTypically, <1 s
Wireless Range (open line of sight)100 m, 328 ft
Operating Temperature Range0 ºC to 45 ºC, 32 ºF to 113 ºF
Storage Temperature Range-20 ºC to 65 ºC, -4 ºF to 149 ºF
Operating Humidity<90% RH, non-condensing. Avoid exposing a cold instrument to warm and humid air as condensation will result. Store the instrument in the same conditions in which the instrument will be used.
Battery Charging Time6 hr
Battery Run Time>16 hr typical use
Key FeaturesTiS75+
Infrared resolution384 x 288 (110,592 pixels)
IFOV1.91 mRad
Field of view42° x 30°
Minimum focus distance0.15 m
Focus systemManual focus
Wireless connectivityYes, to PC, iPhone® and iPad® (iOS 4s and later), Android™ 4.3 and up, and WiFi and LAN (where available)
Fluke Connect app compatibleYes*, connect your camera to your smartphone, and images taken automatically upload to the Fluke Connect app for saving and sharing
Fluke Connect Assets optional softwareYes*, assign images to assets and create work orders. Easily compare measurement types - whether mechanical, electrical or infrared images - in one location
Asset TaggingScan a QR code to automatically organize and file thermal images with Fluke Connect™
IR-Fusion technologyAutoBlend continuous 0 % to 100 %. Adds the context of the visible details to your infrared image
Picture-InPicture (PIP)Yes
Display3.5" (8.9 cm landscape) touchscreen 640 x 480 LCD
Ergonomic designDesigned for one-handed use
Thermal sensitivity40mk
Level and spanSmooth auto and manual scaling
Fast auto-rescale in manual modeYes
Minimum span (in manual mode)3° °C (4.5 °F)
Minimum span (In auto mode)5°C (9.0 °F)
Built-in digital camera (visible light)640 x 480
Frame rate9 Hz or 27 Hz models
Dew point calculationYes
Data storage and image capture
Internal memory∼500 images
External memory≥4 GB SD card (>1000 images)
Image capture, review, save mechanismOne-handed image capture, review, and save capability
Image file formatsNon-radiometric BMP or JPEG or fully-radiometric is2
Memory reviewYes
SoftwareFluke Connect software—full analysis and reporting software with access to the Fluke Connect
Analyze and store radiometric data on a PCYes
Export file formats with Fluke Connect softwareis2, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Voice annotationYes, 60 second maximum audio recording via Bluetooth Audio Headset Profile (HSP) connection to external device.
IR-PhotoNotesYes. Up to 3 extra user-selectable visible light image capture to be included in IS2 file.
Text annotationsAfter IS2 capture, user can type in a note using on-screen keyboard.
Video recording and formatsStandard and radiometric video. Up to 5 minute recording length. avi and is3
Remote control operationsNo
Auto capture (temperature and interval)Yes. User-selectable time interval for capturing IS2 or Jpeg files.
Batteries (field-replaceable, rechargeable)Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Battery life≥3.5 hours continuous without WiFi (Actual life depends on settings and usage)
Battery charging time≤2.5 hours to full charge
Battery charging systemTi SBC3B Two-Bay Battery Charger or in-Imager charging.
AC operationAC operation with included power supply, universal adapters included Output: 15 VDC, 2 A
Power savingUser-selectable sleep and power off
Temperature measurement
Temperature range (not calibrated below -10 °C)-20 °C to 550°C (not calibrated below -10 °C)
Accuracy±2 °C or 2 % (whichever is greater) at 25 °C ambient temperature
On-screen emissivity correctionYes, “top ten” material list plus numerical adjustment between 0.01 and 1.00
Color palettes
Standard palettes6
General specifications
Color alarmsYes. User-selectable hot and cold point and internal/external range color alarms. Modifies palettization of IR image by limiting which pixels are drawn using palette colors based on the pixel temperature.
Infrared spectral band~8-14μm
Operating temperature-10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Storage temperature-20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F) without batteries
Relative humidity10 % to 95 % non-condensing
Spot temperatureCenter spot (unmovable)
User-definable spot markersYes, 5 user-adjustable spot markers for a single pixel each. Position is adjustable. Temperature value for marker shown on screen. User can choose to switch display on/off for each marker.
User defined measurement boxesYes, 5 user-adjustable rectangles. Size and position are adjustable. Rectangle statistics shown on screen: Min, Max, Average temperature. User can choose to switch display on/off for each marker.
Hard caseRugged hard carrying case with soft transport bag, including adjustable strap
Safety standardsIEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
Electromagnetic combabilityIEC 61326-1: Portable Electromagnetic Environment;
IEC 61326-2-2 CISPR 11: Group 1, Class A
Australian RCMRCM IEC 61326-1
US FCC47 CFR 15 Subpart C Sections 15.207, 15.209, 15.249
Vibration10 Hz to 150 Hz, 0.15 mm, IEC 60068-2-6
Shock30 g, 11 ms, IEC 60068-2-27
DropEngineered to withstand 2m drop
Sized (H x W x L)∼(26.7 cm x 10.1 cm x 14.5 cm)
∼ (10.5 in x 4.0 in x 5.7 in)
Weight (battery included)0.885 kg (1.95 lbs)
Enclosure ratingIP54
WarrantyTwo-years (standard)
Recommended calibration cycleTwo-years (assumes normal operation and normal aging)
Supported languagesCzech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish
RoHS compliantYes
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