Fluke Set of 3 5A/50A Current Clamps

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Product overview

Expand the capabilities of the Fluke 1735 and Fluke 1740 Series Loggers with the dual-range 5 A/50 A current clamps. The accessory includes three precision clamps that are automatically detected and scaled by the instrument when attached.


Fluke MBX Clamp 5A/50A

Set of 3 5A/50A Current Clamps

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Electrical characteristicsNominal current in50 A AC rms
Overloadup to 100 A rms
Conductor position influence< 0.5% of range at 50/60 Hz
Error due to adjacent conductor≤ 15 mA/A at 50 Hz
Phase shift at 2 kHz at 200 A< ±1°
Frequency range40 Hz to 10 kHz (-3 dB)
Temperature coefficient0.015% of range / °C
Working voltage (see section safety)600 V AC rms or DC
Order reference1-phase: EP0442A
3-phase: EP0452A
3-phase+N: EP0453A
AccuracyPrimary current 0.125 A to 2.5 AOperating error in % of reading: ±2.5%
Phase shift: not specified
Primary current 2.5 A to 12.5 AOperating error in % of reading: ±1.5%
Phase shift: < 2°
Primary current 12.5 A to 25 AOperating error in % of reading: ±0.5%
Phase shift: < 0.5°
Primary current 25 A to 50 AOperating error in % of reading: ±0.5%
Phase shift: < 1°
General characteristicsMaximum conductor size15 mm diameter, bus bar 15 x 17 mm
Cable length2 m
Operating temperature range-10°C to +55°C
Storage temperature range-20°C to +70°C
Operating humidity15% to 85% rh (non condensing)
Weight (per clamp)175 g
Reference conditionsEnvironment temperature range+18°C to +26°C
Humidity20% to 75% r.h.
Currentsinusoidal waveform, 48 to 65 Hz, distortion factor: < 1%, no DC component
Load impedance for voltage output≥ 1 MΩ, <100 pF
Safety standardsIEC/EN61010-1: 2001
Safety600 V CAT III, pollution degree 2
The application of the clamps on uninsulated conductors is limited to 600 V rms or DC to ground and frequencies below 1 kHz.
EMC standardsEN61326-1: 1997/A1: 1998
Dimensions102 x 42.5 x 23.5 mm