Building machine health visibility with IIoT technology

16 Nov 2018 | Wireless
Building machine health visibility with IIoT technology

Fluke understands the challenge of keeping your facility up and running. Out of necessity, many plants run a patchwork of strategies to maintain systems, relying on run-to-fail strategies or scheduled preventive maintenance practices with periodic troubleshooting of glitch-prone components. Then there’s the struggle of how to organize all the data.

Instead of refitting the whole plant with new devices, there’s a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy: identify anomalies with wirelessly connected test tools and cloud-based asset management software.

Download the app note to learn how to use new IIoT technology to:

  • Create asset baselines with wireless test tools
  • Keep data in one place by asset
  • Compare and analyze data
Download the application note