Product Take-Back and Recycle Program

Fluke has launched a formal product disposal Take-Back and Recycle Program in Europe that complies with the European Union Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment, also known as the "WEEE Directive".

This program will provide self-service instructions for ease of use product take-back and recycling. Equipment that is returned through this program will be handled in an environmentally safe manner using processes that meet or exceed the WEEE Directive requirements. This program is for Fluke customers who have Fluke products that have reached the end-of-life.

Program guidelines are as follows:

  • Fluke will accept Fluke branded or Fluke subsidiary branded electronic test, 
    measurement and monitoring products, with or without the standard WEEE "dust-bin" symbol.
  • Return of electrical and electronic equipment requires Fluke authorization prior to return. The authorization (= WEEE registration number) can as a distributor be retrieved from your invoices or as an end user you may consult your distributor.
  • If the product to be returned is a system that requires dismantling, the customer will be responsible for all expenses associated with the dismantling and removal of the system.
  • For other questions about the environmental compliance of Fluke products contact us by e-mail.

Protecting the Environment – Fluke Recycle Program

Welcome to the Fluke recycle program. Fluke’s program provides Fluke customers an environmentally responsible solution for the return and recycling of your Fluke technology assets that is compliant with current and forthcoming regional regulations. The Fluke Recycle Program is easy to use. It has been structured to make the treatment, recovery, and recycling of Fluke products environmentally sound and cost effective. It relieves the user of the responsibility managing outdated, or used equipment. Fluke has outsourced its services to B2B Compliance. Just follow these easy steps to get started:
  1. Identify the equipment that you want to return to Fluke
  2. De-install and pack your equipment
    • If applicable, batteries removed
    • If applicable, data removed
  3. Contact Fluke / B2B Compliance to arrange for return or pickup

Recycle FAQ – Program Highlights

Note: The terms "disposal", "disposed of", and "handling" refer to the treatment, recovery, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of Fluke equipment that is being discarded.

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers accept the following terms and conditions when they submit a Recycle request: The returned product may not be contaminated with substances that may be hazardous to health or harmful to the environment.
  • Customer is responsible for the deletion of any sensitive data and removal of any battery contained in or on devices or data carriers that are returned to Fluke.
  • Packaging Condition - All products are to be packed and ready for pickup, boxed and labeled with the Return Authorization Number.
  • Recycle Fees - Fluke will pay all recycling fees related to the treatment, recovery, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of the product submitted through this program.
  • Transport costs: 
    - End-users: You will be asked to return their instruments to a pre-defined address, since a deposit system is economically not feasible and is impractical.
    - Distributors: Based upon volume, consolidated either >100 kg or 1 m3, with a maximum frequency of once a month -- Fluke will arrange pick up.
  • Assignment - The End User Customer assigns all rights in the title and treatment, recovery, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of the recycle product to Fluke, free and clear of any future encumbrances. The End User Customer warrants that they have clear and merchantable title to the product being shipped to Fluke.
  • Customer will be responsible for any costs incurred if incorrect products are identified and sent for shipment.
  • Fluke is not responsible for any product shipped in error and makes no guarantees that such product can be returned to the Customer.
  • Customer is held responsible to apply the instructions sent. If not, Fluke is not held responsible when those instruments end up in other collective schemes.

Fluke has outsourced its services to B2B Compliance.

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