See how it's done, wirelessly

1 Mar 2015 | Wireless

Phase to phase, three phase, production line, production controls

Fluke Connect Wireless Tools

You know that old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Well, there's considerable truth to it.

Here's a set of tests and measurements that can be all in your day's work. We think the Fluke Connect® Wireless Tools can make these tasks easier for you, with diagrams that show you how this happens.

Phase-to-Phase Troubleshooting with Fluke Connect® Wireless Tools illustrates how to work on operational circuits faster, with greater safety – and easily save measurements for the entire team to access. Phase-to-phase troubleshooting

Three-Phase Unbalance Testing with Fluke Connect® Wireless Tools describes ways to get to the root cause faster, get approval without leaving the field, and be one step ahead next time (without writing anything down). Three-phase unbalance testing

Measuring Three-Phase Load Draw with Fluke Connect® Wireless Tools deals with avoiding time loss, seeing what you need to see in the field, and sharing data records with the entire team. Measuring three-phase load draw

Testing Production Line Equipment with Fluke Connect® Wireless Tools shows identifying and diagnosing problems quickly and confidently, getting historical data in the field – where and when you need it. Testing production line equipment

Testing Production Controls with Fluke Connect® Wireless Tools explains getting the job done better and faster, doing less walking while making more decisions, then observing multiple test points and locating the problem's origin efficiently. Testing production controls