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Calibration and Repair Services

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CalNet®: The European Specialist in Calibration

Fluke has its own calibrations laboratories in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany, and authorized service partners in most of the other countries in Europe. All These calibration laboratories work together as a single calibration network: CalNet.

CalNet can issue the calibration certificates you need to meet ISO 9000 standards. CalNet guarantees traceability and access to the best calibration facilities the network can offer. Because of constant information exchange and comparing standards within the network, traceability increases while inaccuracy and uncertainty decreases.

CalNet is able to help you meet the calibration needs of not only equipment made by Fluke but also other manufacturers products. It is a network that provides you with some real key advantages:

  • CalNet laboratories are approved by and traceable to the National Standards Institutes.
  • Each Laboratory is a link in the chain of an active network. Sharing information, expertise and the same quality standards.

The need for calibration is directly related to the specific tasks performed by your equipment. CalNet is able to provide you with the services tailored to your need which include:

  • Perform verification check for simple test equipment. The CalNet sticker placed on your instrument after testing guarantee that it operates as specified.
  • CalNet Certificate including a calibration report. When you need to know the exact results of the calibration.
  • National calibration certificate if you need direct traceability to the National Standards Institutes.
  • CalNet offers complete inventory and maintenance management of your installed test and measuring equipment including equipment of other manufacturers. One address for all your equipment maintenance and service needs

Fluke can perform calibrations in different ways, so you can choose the calibration which has the best fit to your quality system, in relation to the price. The calibrations are divided in 4 levels, each with their specific procedure, from which the details are described hereafter. Download the Calibration Request Form.

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