Do More With VT04
Do more with VT04

SEE MORE. Blend visual and infrared.

See issues in context by blending the infrared heat map with the visual image. Exclusive NEAR and FAR
functionality fine tunes the image blending based on your distance from the target.

25% heat map.

25% heat map

50% heat map.

50% heat map

75% heat map.

75% heat map

FIND MORE. Identify intermittent problems.

Identify intermittent problems by monitoring equipment over time or get alerts when a temperature
is outside the expected range with the VT04 temperature alarms and automated monitoring features.

Prove more. Optimize, analyze and report.

Optimize image blending and palette to pinpoint issues, then create quick reports with the included Fluke
SmartView® software.

Prove more. Optimize, analyze and report.

VT04 images can be taken in either .bmp or .is2 format. With an .is2
image, you can do the following in the SmartView® software:

  • Optimize the visible and infrared heat map blending to any level
  • Change the palette
  • Add or remove the center marker and hot and cold markers
  • Change the emissivity and background temperature
  • Generate a professional report that can easily be edited
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