Fluke TiR Thermal Imager - My competitive edge in HVAC

Fluke TiR Thermal Imager

My competitive edge in solar

As a maintenance technician for solar installations, a thermal imager has become an essential tool. Not only to maintain the installation but also to optimize its performance. For instance, IR-Fusion makes detecting overheated PV cells or faulty connections easy, and with my TiR I can inspect panels from the front, back or even from a distance. I can analyze the operation and efficiency of the motors, transformers and inverters too. And that cuts the pay-back time for the whole site!

When I’m working on rooftops or other awkward locations I love the voice recording function on the TiR as it’s more practical than taking notes. And the tool is really robust too, which means I can work in any weather and it won’t break if I accidently drop it. Now that’s a sound investment!

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See more – Earn more

Fluke thermal imagers are real business-building tools. Impress your customers with their superior image quality. Finish projects fast with their quick, easy-to-use features. And be confident on-site, knowing you’ve got the industry’s most rugged IR imager on-hand. If you’re looking for a sure way to boost your business, add a Fluke thermal imager to your toolbox today.

The right tool for the job

The Fluke TiR Series of thermal imagers is specifically designed for building diagnostics applications. And there are affordable models to suit every need. All of them feature IR-Fusion, Fluke’s accurate, industry-leading method for merging an IR image with a visual one, making location and interpretation of faults quick and easy. To choose the right thermal imager for your business, check out the product information pages.