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ScopeMeter® Training Center

Fluke ScopeMeters® take you beyond precision DMM measurements into graphical waveform, time, shape, distortion and disturbance information, so you can quickly get to the root of the problem.

Learn more about handheld oscilloscopes and the types of problems you can solve with one.

ABC’s of Portable Oscilloscopes, New Webinar Training Series »

Learn the Fundamentals of Capturing and Analyzing Waveforms Using an Oscilloscope. If you understand digital multimeter measurements and now need to move beyond volts, ohms and amps to troubleshoot electronic, electro-mechanical and electrical systems, this series is for you. In three segments, we cover all the basics of using a portable oscilloscope.

5 Problems You Can Solve with a ScopeMeter® »

Once you’re comfortable using a ScopeMeter®, you’re ready to start troubleshooting. These webinar demonstrations show you step-by-step how to diagnose common problems. A Fluke ScopeMeter® goes beyond numbers to graphically show you the dynamic behavior of electrical signals.

Tech Briefs »

As a busy professional, you want to stay on top of technology and terms, but you may not always have the time to take a class or read a lengthy technical document. We want to make it a little easier for you. Tech Briefs are small bites of technical information on various topics. The briefs are designed to help you quickly and easily navigate through difficult subjects and come out with a better understanding of that topic.

Portable Oscilloscopes FAQs »

Find the answers to the questions that are most frequently asked about portable oscilloscopes.


Virtual Demos and Videos

Troubleshooting Industrial Networks Webcast (.swf) »
120 Series Virtual Demo (.swf) »

Software Downloads

Download and install a Windows software package that simulates the operation of the ScopeMeter® 190 series features, menus and functions.

Download Software (.exe) »

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