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Fluke Services

Fluke is dedicated to providing high quality services for our products in your applications. Fluke Service Centers are located at strategic locations to protect your investment with calibration, repair, and self-maintenance services, including service parts and manuals.

Service Highlights:

  • Fast Emergency Service
  • ISO 9001:2000 facility with factory trained personnel
  • Flat rate calibration or repair charge for Fluke manufactured products
  • Calibration services for older instruments or those not covered under flat rate
  • 17025 accredited calibration; Calibration documentation
  • Traceability

Accreditation Calibration and Repair Services

Accreditation »

Review Certificates of registration and accreditation and other quality documentation.

Calibration and Repair Services »

Discover everything you need to know about product calibration and repair, both for Fluke products and those of other manufacturers.
Fuse Selection Guide Replacement Parts

Fuse Selection Guide »

Find whatever Fluke fuse you need listed by Fluke model or Fluke fuse number.

Replacement Parts »

Find out how to get replacement parts for Fluke instruments.
Return for Service: Online RMA Service Centers

Return for Service: Online RMA »

Receive a quote for service and check the status of your order online.

Service Centers »

Locate your nearest service center. Order replacement parts. Get a list of calibration and repair services, extended warranty options, service options, and training materials.
Service Programs Warranties

Service Programs »

Get a list of calibration and repair services, extended warranty options, service options, and training materials.

Warranties »

Learn about the coverage extended to Fluke products by our warranties.

Quick Links

Traceable Certificate of Calibration

Receive your new Fluke tool ready to go to work, out of the box with a traceable calibration certificate.

Online RMA

Online RMA and Service Quotes »

Service Programs »

Customer Support Services »
Check Status of a Repair »
Register a Product »
Fluke Calibration Services »
Authorized Fluke Service Centers »

Contact Us

Contact Us »

Service and Support for Other Fluke Brands:

Fluke Biomedical

Questions regarding service and support for Fluke Biomedical products.

Fluke, Hart Scientific Division

For questions regarding service and support for Hart temperature calibration products, contact Fluke's Hart Scientific Division.
Call toll free: 1-800-GET-HART

Fluke, DH Instruments Division

For questions regarding service and support for DH Instruments pressure and flow calibration products, contact Fluke's DH Instruments Division.
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