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Plant Maintenance Solution Center

Doing more with less is the challenge today for most Plant Maintenance staffs. Fluke can help. We have the tools, application information and other resources available to help you get the most from your time and staff.

Key Plant Maintenance Products

Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter »
Fluke 87V Multimeter with Temperature »
Fluke 68 Infrared Thermometer »
Fluke 124 Industrial Scopemeter »
Fluke Ti25 Thermal Imager »
Fluke 434 Three-Phase Power
Quality Analyzer »

Application Notes

Use these application notes and case studies to learn more about improving your efficiency.


Thermometer application notes »


Don't risk CAT IV areas without the right leads (.pdf) »
Think 'Test Instruments' when you think of personal protective equipment (PPE) (.pdf) »

Digital Multimeters

The ABCs of DMMs - Meter features and functions explained (.pdf) »
DMM application notes »

Electrical Maintenance Techniques

What you can learn from loop impedance testing on a branch circuit Hydraulics (.pdf) »
Logging and analyzing events with FlukeView Forms Software »

Power Quality

Basic power quality methodology and common culprits. (.pdf) »
Power quality application notes »

Process Calibration

Troubleshoot automation and process
control loops (.pdf) »

Thermal Imaging

Implementing an infrared thermography maintenance program (.pdf) »
Thermal, electrical and insulation tests for motors and drives (.pdf) »
Thermal imaging application notes »

Educational Programs

Fluke brings application information and tools into the classroom.

Education program »

Online Test Tool Discussion

Got questions for your peers visit the Test Tool users online community.


Electrical maintenance safety program »
Intrinsic safety (Ex tools) »

Return on Investment Calculators

These tools will help you find out the return for your plant when you implement a power quality or thermal imaging program.

Product ROI calculators (.swf) »
Predictive Maintenance ROI calculator (.swf) »
Download the PdM calculator (.exe) »

Training and Events

Fluke safety program »

Predictive Maintenance »

Learn more about predictive maintenance applications.

Power Quality »
Thermography »
Logging multimeters with software »
Insulation testers »
Infrared thermometers »

Fluke News

Visit Fluke News »
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