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Infrared Thermometers

Fluke VT02

Fluke offers the very latest non-contact infrared thermometers (sometimes known as IR thermometer or infrared pyrometer), laser thermometers, contact thermometers, probes and accessories, as well as expertise concerning a complete range of temperature applications. All of Fluke's handheld thermometers come with a no-hassle 2-year warranty and the highest level of customer service.

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Why use an infrared pyrometer in my application?

Temperature is often the first and most obvious indication of a developing problem and can be quickly used to identify situations that would benefit from further analysis with other Fluke tools such as a DMM or clamp meter. A non-contact IR thermometer or pyrometer allows you to stay at a safe distance from the object and get the most accurate readings across a wide range of temperatures. This explains why an infrared thermometer is referred to as 'non-contact'.

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