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HP 34420/SPRT/PRT Precision Thermometers and NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm Meter

 HP 34420/SPRT/PRT
Calibrated temperature systems for standards lab applications

The HP 34420/SPRT and HP 34420/PRT are precision thermometers based on Hewlett-Packard's HP 34420A NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm Meter. Each model comes with a precision temperature probe and provides uncertainties as low as ±0.003ºC for precise temperature calibrations.

The HP 34420 NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm meter is a high-sensitivity multimeter optimized for performing low-level measurements. It combines low-noise voltage measurements with resistance and temperature functions, setting a new standard in low-level flexibility and performance. It can be used as a replacement for analog null detectors such as the Fluke 845 Series.

The HP 34420/SPRT, HP 34420/PRT, and HP 34420 NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm meters are conveniently available from your local Fluke representative.

Take the uncertainty out of your low-level measurements

Low-noise input amplifiers and a highly tuned input protection scheme bring reading noise down to 8 nV pp. Combine this with 7 ½ digits of resolution, selectable analog and digital filtering, 2 ppm basic 24-hour dcV accuracy, and a shielded, copper pin connector and you've got accurate, repeatable measurements you can count on.

Two input channels

An integral two-channel programmable scanner simplifies voltage comparisons. Built-in ratio and difference functions enable automated two channel measurements without the need for an external nanoVolt scanner. Both channels share the same low noise specifications to ensure accurate comparisons.

Built-in resistance and temperature

The HP 34420A combines its low-noise nanoVolt input circuits with a high-stability current source to provide precise low-level resistance measurements - no more hassling with the cost and complexity of an external current source. Three resistance modes are included:

  • Standard
  • Low-power
  • Voltage-limited for dry-circuit testing

Offset compensation is also provided to minimize thermal EMFs and associated errors.

SPRT measurements

Built-in ITS-90 conversion routines accept the calibration coefficients from your SPRT probe for direct temperature measurement and conversion. Thermocouples, Thermistors, and RTDs are also supported.

The HP 34420/SPRT comes with a Rosemount 162CE probe, the industry standard for accuracy. The HP 34420/PRT comes with a Hart Scientific 5628 probe, a more rugged solution for applications outside the lab. In both models, meter and probe are calibrated together as a system.

Unequaled versatility

The HP 34420A gives you the versatility to tackle your most challenging tasks, both on the benchtop and in your automated system. Standard features include: RS-232 and HP-IB interfaces, SCPI and Keithley 181 programming language, 1024-reading memory, scaling and statistics, and a chart recorded analog output.

Quality you can count on

The HP 34420A gives you the quality and reliability you expect from Hewlett-Packard. From the product's proven >150,000 hour Mean Time Between Failure, to its standard 3-year warranty, the HP 34420A brings you a new level of confidence in your low-level measurements.

Technical Specifications
DC Voltage (7 ½ digits resolution on all ranges)
6 Measurement Ranges  mV to 100V
Best 1 Year Uncertainty  ±34 ppm of reading
Sensitivity  0.1 nV
Input Resistance  > 10 GΩ (up through 10V range)
Maximum p-p noise (2 minutes)  8 nV
Input Channels  2, including DCV1/DCV2 ratio
Normal Mode Rejection  100 dB
Input Protection  150V peak to Channel 1 LO
Resistance (7 ½ digits resolution on all ranges)
7 Measurement Ranges  1Ω to 1 MΩ
Best 1 Year Uncertainty  ±62 ppm of reading
Sensitivity  0.1 mΩ
Test Current  10 mZ to 5 mA
Measurement Modes  2-wire and 4-wire
Chart Out (Analog Out)

Technical Specifications (Temperature Systems*)
Temperature Range
HP 34420A/SPRT  -200ºC to +661ºC
HP 34420/PRT  -200ºC to +660ºC
Probe Type
HP 34420A/SPRT  Rosemount 162CE
Dia.:  5.56 mm (0219 in.)
Length:  457 mm (18 in.) Pt 25.5 Ω
HP 34420A/PRT  Hart Scientific 5628
Dia.:  6.34 mm (0.25 in.)
Length:  304 mm (12 in.) Pt 25.5 Ω
System Uncertainty **
HP 34420A/SPRT  4 hour: 0003ºC*
 24 hour: 0.006ºC
 90 day: 0.013ºC
 1 year: 0.020ºC
HP 34420A/PRT  4 hour: 0.005ºC*
 24 hour: 0.007ºC
 90 day: 0.024ºC
 1 year: 0.053ºC
Stability/Drift Rate
HP 34420A/SPRT:  < 0.01 ºC/year
HP 34420A/PRT:  < 0.05 ºC/year
Lead Length
HP 34420A/SPRT:  2.4M (8 ft.)
HP 34420A/PRT:  2.1M (7 ft.)
Sheath Material
System Resolution
 0.001 ºC
*Probe and HP 34420A calibrated as a system using programmed constants with Rtpw check within last 4 hours
**Probe at 0ºC, HP 34420A @ 23ºC Typical specification -- absolute drift is highly dependent upon probe handling and usage
General Specifications
Front Panel Connection
 Shielded, low thermal, 99% copper contacts
Power Supply
 100V/120V/220V(230V)/240V ± 10%
Power Line Frequency
 45 Hz to 66 Hz and 360 Hz to 440 Hz. Automatically sensed at power-on.
Power Consumption
 25 VA peak (10W average)
Operating Environment
 Full accuracy for 0ºC to 55ºC. Full accuracy to 80% R.H. up to 30ºC.
Storage Environment
 -40ºC to 75ºC
 254.4 mm W x 374.0 mm L x 103.6 mm H (10.02 in W x 14.72 in L x 4.08 in H)
 3 kg (6.5 lbs)
 Designed to CSA, UL-1244, IEC-1010
Vibration and Shock
 MIL-T-28800E, Type III, Class 5
 3 years (34420A only)
Nome do modeloDescriçãoPreço
HP 34420/SPRTNanoVolt/micro-Ohm meter with Rosemount 162CE SPRT calibration certificate A pedido
HP 34420/PRTNanoVolt/micro-Ohm meter with Hart Scientific 5628 PRT calibration certificate A pedido
Rosemount 162CEProbe, SPRT, 25.5 Ohm with Lemo connector A pedido
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